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The Nissen ASCENT Program

Think about someone already on your staff.  Someone that, when you think about working with them it makes you smile.  Someone you know is a real benefit to your company.  They are productive in your organization.  They make a difference.  They bring energy into every interaction they have.  They’re the right person, in the right company, filling the right position, for the right reason. Bottom line: they just fit.

When did we decide that fit was important?  When we were just looking for some skills and/or experience and nothing else really mattered?  I’m not sure.  And I’m certainly not sure there was ever a time that was the right thing to do.  Employee satisfaction is up over 50%.  And why not?  The amount of investment being made in employee wages, benefits and overall well-being is consistently going up!  At the same time, employee engagement is hovering at less than a third, around 32%.  That means that 68% of the workforce is disengaged.

dis·en·gage Verb (used without object)

To free (oneself) from and engagement, pledge, obligation, etc… When it was clear that there was no opportunity to create value, he became disengaged. 

If satisfaction is up, then why does it matter if employees are disengaged?  Disengaged employees feel undervalued, unchallenged and disconnected from their jobs and companies. Their behaviors and performance is costly and takes away from the bottom line.  THIS is why fit matters!  Filling jobs has always been about skills and/or experience.  Nothing else really mattered. It’s time to start paying attention to candidates that may (or may not) already have the skills and experience needed to perform the job, but also possesses the right motivations to BECOME something more.  Companies that are willing to train and develop employees see a higher level of engagement, leading to increased output, decreased turnover and higher revenues.

That’s what the Nissen ASCENT program is all about.  We help you find the right person for the right position in your right company.  From there, together, you can build the right reasons!

A – ASSESS – Career Consultants meet with candidates to assess skills, abilities, experience, motivations, and potential Fit.  Engagement Team Members meet with clients to assess staffing needs, competency and physical requirements, performance expectations, market pay rates and employee value propositions (EVP).

S – SELECT – Career Consultants select and submit candidates who meet job performance objectives, possess the right motivation, willingness, and desire to be successful in the job.

C – CONNECT – We connect candidates with clients for interviews, realistic job previews (RJP), auditions, etc… as outlined by clients.

E – EMPLOY – Expectations between Candidates and Clients are communicated and Candidates become Associates.

N – NAVIGATE – A customized Workforce Optimization Program, strengthens the working relationship between the Client, Associate(s) and NSC to maximize output and success.

T – TRACK – We track every movement along the way to ensure we are making all the right connections that lead to success, satisfaction and implementing changes for continuous improvement.

What got us here will not get us successfully into the future.  We want both our clients AND candidates to be successful, so making the right connections is important.  Contact us to see how we can put the ASCENT® program to work for you.

Expanded Benefits Package

Nissen Staffing Continuum has expanded healthcare benefit options available to Associates for 2019.  There are now 3 Healthcare Plans to choose from as well as Dental Coverage and/or Vision Coverage, something that most if not all other staffing agencies do not offer.  Coverage options also include coverage for spouse & dependents. Benefits are subject to eligibility requirements*
* Eligibility for Health, Dental & Vision benefits begins on the first of the month following 59 days of employment. Associates must average a minimum of 30 hours per week.


Are you ready for an Alternative workforce?

Today business is scrambling for solutions to augment their traditional workforce strategies.  The optimism for business growth is strong, but too often restricted by the scarcity of human capital talent.

Business has adopted “best practices.” Well written standard operating procedures, and well written training curriculum.  But again, business growth is stalled from a lack of human potential and talent.

Further, rising wages, additional overtime costs, employee turnover, and limitations to implementing automation requires progressive companies to seek new strategies to build and augment their existing workforce.

Launch Talent Development.  Leave Talent Consumption

NSC’s Managed Services alternative workforce program may be the solution you’ve been looking for? NSC has entered into a partnership with the Franklin House of Corrections to manage the careers of talented and motivated residents to meet their career objectives and achieve desired outcomes for business.

Benefits of an alternative workforce:

  1. Off-site, no cost trained workforce
  2. Training curriculum includes (but is not limited to):
    1. Client specific policies & safety
    2. Job success traits
    3. Performance objectives
    4. Position Instructions & SOPs
  3. Synchronized scheduling
  4. No unexpected absences
  5. Transportation services for candidates & workers
  6. On the job coaching, mentoring and Performance evaluation/feedback
  7. Comprehensive talent vetting process
  8. Variable cost staffing model
  9. Purposeful and meaningful community investment

Email to schedule a discovery meeting to learn how you can benefit from an alternative workforce program today.