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Where has all the talent gone? How to operate in a Talent Scarcity Market.

When it comes to talent, there’s no debate that demand is outstripping the readily available supply and most recruiters agree that we’re near full employment.  This combined with a degree of job dissatisfaction and workers who are mostly satisfied but not necessarily engaged, points to a passive job seeker environment.

The resurgence of job seeker confidence due to the high number of job openings and the low risk of making a job change gives talent a great advantage.  Passive seekers are watching for new opportunities with greater meaning, where they can use their gifts and talents and take their career to the next level.

To address this shift, employers must change their focus from talent acquisition to a talent attraction strategy.  It’s about targeting the right candidates and compelling them to take an interest.  As a result, many employers are asking, “how can we grow when there is a skill gap and we can’t fill openings with qualified workers?”

There is specific strategies and tactics to address the skills gap, but it is not necessary to focus on this alone. Talents and the motivation to use those talents abound under the right circumstances and with
the right staffing and recruitment partner.

Understanding the difference between the job description and the real job

Too frequently, recruiters, use the job description alone to assist in the hiring decision process.
That’s a problem.  The job description focuses on what employees have.  But, more important today is understanding what are the performance expectations and outcomes of the “real job” and why they’re meaningful to a greater purpose or outcome. This is a game changer!  We must define the “real job” and it’s meaning in the big picture.  That means building a job description with performance objectives that help achieve the company vision.

Concentrating on candidate performance and achievement

Recruiters need to put greater focus on the ability of candidates to achieve job performance desired outcomes (going) and less on qualifications and criteria (having.) A wise career consultant (Owner and President of Nissen Staffing Continuum, Scott Nissen) once said, “It’s what you do with what you have, not what you have that counts!”  The point is to hire someone who can deliver results and add value over someone who might possess the skill(s) to do those same things but never uses them.

Messaging real jobs to the right candidates

The “right candidate” will be able to consistently and successfully get the job done regardless of circumstances and with the least direction possible.  By messaging the real job with purpose and meaning, the “right candidate” will be compelled to apply.  And the right candidate in the real job will only add beneficially to the culture you’re seeking to create!

 Leveraging your brand

 Properly branding your company allows job seekers to match their needs with your employee value proposition. Your brand is the public face of your company culture. Passive job seekers are discerning and take employment decisions and changes more seriously. They research potential employers carefully and look for companies where they connect with the values and foresee being happy in their position. It’s time that we look past immediate gratifications, such as (pay, location, job title, duties) and concentrate more on the first year and beyond (real job focus, impact, visibility, learning, future compensation and rewards, growth) for effective talent attraction.

When a high-quality hire happens, a powerful connection is made between an employer’s mission and a candidate’s career aspirations.  The day of talent acquisition is gone. We’re no longer filtering out candidates in a surplus talent market.  The day of talent attraction is now and it’s here to stay. We must target and build a call to action for quality talent in order to be successful in this candidate scarcity market.

At Nissen Staffing Continuum we work with discipline and focus to successfully leverage all of our brands (Staffing Continuum, TechRecruiters, Staffing Continuum Managed Services, Workforce Optimization) to benefit our clients and our associates.  Call us, partner with us, and bring us into your reality because we have a true consultative solution for you. Placing the right candidates in the right jobs for the right reasons!  This will be the mark of a successful organization in the 21st century.

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