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5 Qualities That Make an Employee Great


qualities of a great workerWhat separates a good hiring manager from an excellent hiring manager? An excellent hiring manager has the ability to look at a job candidate and know that the potential employee has the qualities of a great employee. Unfortunately, hiring managers don’t have a lot of time to make that decision, so awareness of key qualities is imperative. What qualities make a great employee? How can you distinguish between a poor job candidate and a great potential employee? These are questions that aren’t industry specific, because the core principles of a great employee are the same:

  1. Honest. Has the potential employee been 100% honest on their job application? If not, take that as a red flag. If a job candidate is not honest doing paperwork to get the job, there is a good chance they won’t be honest once hired.
  2. Work ethic. Has the job candidate done all the legwork to apply for the job? A job candidate that can’t do their homework to get the job probably won’t demonstrate great work ethic on the job. A strong work ethic is one quality that is hard to spot in a short interview with a hiring manager, but can be determined through a demonstrated history of success at previous positions.
  3. Dependable. Did the job candidate meet the deadlines during the application window? Were they on time for their job interview? Keep an eye on the clock, and use the information in your hiring decision.
  4. Positive Attitude. Listen carefully to the job candidate and watch his or her body language. Is he or she upbeat and positive? Or is the job candidate openly critical of their last employer? Some personality types are harder to read than others, but be attentive about reading your candidate’s body language and whether they have the positive attitude you need in your workplace.
  5. Communication skills. Pay attention to the way the candidate communicates with you during the job interview. Even if the employee is isolated from others while performing job duties, at some point they have to communicate with their fellow employees and supervisor.

Once you know what qualities you’re looking for in a great employee, establish the standard as part of your company’s hiring practices. If your company needs information on establishing solid hiring practices, and selecting the best job candidate for your company, consult a staffing firm with expertise in hiring and on-boarding employees. Nissen Staffing Continuum consultants can guide you through the hiring process from beginning to end. Your business goals become their business goals, reached with a company of great employees.

Attracting the Right Employees (& Keeping Them)


attracting and keeping the right employeesAttracting the right employees and keeping them on the payroll is about more than offering a generous compensation and benefits package. In a highly competitive workforce market, every company needs to find an edge in employee recruitment and retention. For good reason: employee turnover costs can quickly eat into a company’s bottom line with delays and interruptions. How do you attract the right employees and keep them? Start by implementing these four best practices for employee recruitment and retention:

  1. Know what you need. Use strategic planning and staffing assessments to maintain a workforce consistent with your business cycle. During your company’s busy season, what kind of employees do you need to meet the increased workload? How many permanent employees should you hire this year? Is there a flexible staffing option you can utilize, such as temporary employees? If you need a resource for initiating the planning process, contact a staffing firm with the experience, knowledge of current staffing trends and expertise in the best practices that can be applied to your specific business.
  2. Empower your biggest advocates: your employees. When it’s time to spread the word about open positions, give your employees the information needed for recruitment. Your employees can attract the brightest and the best workers with testimonials about the benefits of working for your company.
  3. Craft a perfect, accurate job description. Be clear and concise, and pay attention to the smallest details like spelling, grammar, formatting and length of the job description. Use our blog post to make sure your job description has all the essential elements that attracts the right employees.
  4. Create a company culture that is attractive to potential employees. Is your company a workplace people want to work at? As with many aspects of business, a strong company culture starts at the top and trickles down through the company regardless of size. Promote the right leaders for that potential employees want to work for. This article from Forbes is one of the top must-reads for companies looking to establish a solid company culture, as well as this blog post about creating a workplace your employees want to work in.

Because attracting the right employees and retention is so important, do your research and don’t be afraid to consult the experts. Recruitment and employee retention practices are continually evolving. Contact a staffing firm to capture and implement the best practices that impact your employee retention—and bottom line.