Is your company recruiting without strategic planning and staffing assessments?

planning for recruiting staffIt’s a classic case of putting the recruiting cart before the horse. While appropriate recruiting strategies and hiring practices are integral to the success of a company, these human resource practices can be a nightmare for employers who don’t regularly assess staffing needs and use human resource planning for their company staffing. The result is a repeated cycle of ineffective recruiting strategies, lay-offs, unnecessary human resource expenses and high turnover.

The answer? A regular human resources assessment and plan that meets the staffing needs of the company and is compiled methodically and strategically:

  1. Assess your company business cycle. Don’t repeatedly blindly recruit and hire. Do a regular assessment of your company business cycle. Use your past company business cycles to create a needs assessment, recruiting strategy and hiring plan that fits the ebbs and flows of your business.
  2. Forge a human resources partnership to keep abreast of trends, staffing solutions and evolving legalities. The business world is a climate of evolutions and impact. Think of the incredible impact of the Affordable Care Act and the evolution of staffing solutions such as on-demand, seasonal and temporary employees. Keep abreast of the changes and staffing solutions that impact your bottom line by partnering with a human resource expert. An outside human resource expert, such as a staffing firm, is a valuable resource to access your company’s business cycle and staffing needs.
  3. Think out of the box, and know who you need to recruit. A traditional employee is not always the right type of employee for your business. Seasonal, on-demand and temporary employees are “out of the box” staffing solutions that require different recruiting strategies. If you’ve never delved into these staffing solutions, contact an experienced staffing firm for information.
  4. Create clear job descriptions. Once you’ve done a full assessment of your staffing needs, this simple recruiting step is one of the most basic, and significant, steps to attracting employees with the right skill set for your open position or positions. Use our blog post about job descriptions as a guide for writing an accurate, legal and compelling job description.

Get your assessment process started by locating a local staffing firm with the knowledge, recognition and services you need. Contact Nissen Staffing Continuum. With experience, immediate connections to job seekers and recruiting and hiring expertise, Nissen Staffing Continuum can give you access to potential employees and can provide consultation services on best-use staffing solutions and practices. These attributes make Nissen Staffing Continuum a huge asset so you can maximize staffing assessments, recruiting strategies and hiring practices for your company.

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