How to Create a Workplace Your Employees Love

smiling call center workersFrom high retention rates to elevated employee productivity, a workplace your employees love is essential to establishing a thriving business. And while images of a party-like, idyllic workplace atmosphere come instantly to mind when you hear this Valentine’s Day-like concept, clear those preconceptions. Replace them with these guidelines that create a workplace your employees love—and a thriving business positioned for the future:

  1. Set clear expectations for your employees as a whole, and write them down. Your expectations for your employees, and how your workplace should operate, should be delivered in verbal and written form (beyond job descriptions). Don’t neglect the written format of expectations, as a clear written policy saves you from misunderstandings and distortions.
  2. Show them they matter. Every company differs on how they show their employees they value their contributions. Keep in mind that signs of appreciation should be daily instead of periodic. A simple “thank you” or other appreciative words go a long way in your employees’ eyes. Your everyday actions and those of your managers—even the behaviors you tolerate among your employees—create a culture of respect.
  3. Listen. While you might not agree with everything you hear from your employees, an employee feels love—and appreciates a workplace—where they feel listened and valued.  If you want to create a company culture focused on listening, train your human resources staff and managers to listen and respond appropriately to employees.
  4. Set the standard. This is a concept that comes from the top down. Set clear expectations for your employees, and role model those expectations in your behavior, as well as other managers and supervisors.
  5. Use best-practice hiring practices. Review your hiring practices to ensure you are attracting those keystone employees that can manage, supervise and implement excellent workplace practices. Every aspect of the hiring process, such as job descriptions and interviewing protocols, can make the difference between bringing on those key or unwanted employees. If you need assistance creating and implementing those hiring protocols, contact Nissen Staffing Continuum for information and resources.

Need assistance with creating a workplace your employees love? As a premiere staffing firm in southeastern Wisconsin and human resource partner for top Wisconsin companies, Nissen Staffing Continuum can assist your company with questions and staffing and human resource solutions that your business needs to create a workplace your employees love—and make your company thrive.

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