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Nissen Staffing Continuum Wins Inavero’s 2015 Best Of Staffing® Client Award

best-of-staffing-client-2015Nissen Staffing Continuum, a leading staffing agency in southeastern Wisconsin, has been awarded Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client Award for providing superior service to their clients. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, Inavero’s Best of Staffing Client Award winners have proven to be industry leaders in quality service, based completely on the ratings given to them by their clients. With satisfaction scores more than three times higher than the industry average, award winners make up less than two percent of all staffing agencies in the U.S. and Canada who earned the Best of Staffing Award for service excellence.

“Part of our company mission statement is to provide human capital solutions to our clients that create and grow value. We do this by working with our clients in a consultative manner, doing our best to understand their business and exceed their expectations. We make exceptional service a priority and we are proud and honored to be recognized for our efforts,” Nissen Staffing Continuum’s President and CEO Scott Nissen said.

“With a tightening labor market and a need for growing companies to stay flexible, staffing agencies are placing more people into employment opportunities than at any other point in U.S. history,” said Inavero’s CEO Eric Gregg. “More companies than ever before need a staffing agency with a proven commitment to service excellence. is the place to find winning agencies that place talent with the skills you need in your city or state. We are incredibly proud of the accomplishment of our 2015 award recipients.”

About Nissen Staffing Continuum
Established in 1997, Nissen Staffing Continuum has consistently focused on helping businesses grow their organization’s most precious asset: their people. They understand that to succeed in a fragile economy, or thrive in a strong one, organizations require a staff that is flexible, innovative, and dependable. Nissen Staffing Continuum offers multiple solutions for all of your staffing challenges; from sourcing temporary help required to meet a tight deadline of a project, to finding capable temp-to-perm personnel, to recruiting a professional with just the right background and qualifications. Nissen Staffing Continuum also offers personalized, on-site partnerships to meet the ever changing needs of businesses that rely on a flexible workforce to meet their customer needs. Their focus on exceptional service led to winning this year’s Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction Award.

About Inavero
Inavero administers more staffing agency client and talent satisfaction surveys than any other firm in the world. Inavero’s team reports on over 1.2 million satisfaction surveys from staffing agency clients and talent each year and the company serves as the American Staffing Association’s exclusive service quality partner.

About Inavero’s Best of Staffing
Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Award is the only award in the U.S. and Canada that recognizes staffing agencies that have proven superior service quality based completely on the ratings given to them by their clients and job candidates. Award winners are showcased by city and area of expertise on – an online resource for hiring professionals and job seekers to find the best staffing agencies to call when they are in need.

How to Create a Workplace Your Employees Love

smiling call center workersFrom high retention rates to elevated employee productivity, a workplace your employees love is essential to establishing a thriving business. And while images of a party-like, idyllic workplace atmosphere come instantly to mind when you hear this Valentine’s Day-like concept, clear those preconceptions. Replace them with these guidelines that create a workplace your employees love—and a thriving business positioned for the future:

  1. Set clear expectations for your employees as a whole, and write them down. Your expectations for your employees, and how your workplace should operate, should be delivered in verbal and written form (beyond job descriptions). Don’t neglect the written format of expectations, as a clear written policy saves you from misunderstandings and distortions.
  2. Show them they matter. Every company differs on how they show their employees they value their contributions. Keep in mind that signs of appreciation should be daily instead of periodic. A simple “thank you” or other appreciative words go a long way in your employees’ eyes. Your everyday actions and those of your managers—even the behaviors you tolerate among your employees—create a culture of respect.
  3. Listen. While you might not agree with everything you hear from your employees, an employee feels love—and appreciates a workplace—where they feel listened and valued.  If you want to create a company culture focused on listening, train your human resources staff and managers to listen and respond appropriately to employees.
  4. Set the standard. This is a concept that comes from the top down. Set clear expectations for your employees, and role model those expectations in your behavior, as well as other managers and supervisors.
  5. Use best-practice hiring practices. Review your hiring practices to ensure you are attracting those keystone employees that can manage, supervise and implement excellent workplace practices. Every aspect of the hiring process, such as job descriptions and interviewing protocols, can make the difference between bringing on those key or unwanted employees. If you need assistance creating and implementing those hiring protocols, contact Nissen Staffing Continuum for information and resources.

Need assistance with creating a workplace your employees love? As a premiere staffing firm in southeastern Wisconsin and human resource partner for top Wisconsin companies, Nissen Staffing Continuum can assist your company with questions and staffing and human resource solutions that your business needs to create a workplace your employees love—and make your company thrive.

5 HR Staffing Resolutions for a Successful 2015

welderIt’s never too soon to review business staffing policies and practices, and take measures to improve them. Don’t address your business HR issues and staffing challenges when it’s too late; outdated HR policies can leave your business in crisis, and not knowing where you stand as an employer can and does impact your business bottom line. The answer for a successful 2015: designate the time and resources to fulfill these five HR and staffing resolutions:

  1. Know your staffing options and staffing solutions.NOT knowing your staffing options costs your business time and money. Most businesses have ebbs and flows; having adequate staffing to address your business cycle is essential to minimizing costs and ending the fiscal year with a robust bottom line. Don’t be a business that blindly follows traditional hiring practices without researching other staffing options; a business’ staffing approach can mean the difference between a mediocre and record-setting business year.
  2. Review and update your HR policies. Once you understand your staffing options and solutions, implement your plan with a reviewed, updated and revamped set of human resources policies appropriate for your business and hiring policies.
  3. Plan ahead.You can’t control that sudden call from a customer for an astronomical amount of product ASAP, but you can anticipate and implement a staffing plan based on your business record. Doing so ensures you have an accurate number of permanent, temporary, temp-to-hire, seasonal and on-demand employees when needed, so you can fulfill customer orders timely and accurately.
  4. Review and update your job descriptions. Job descriptions are the front line of your business’ hiring practices; they are the words that attract potential job seekers. Don’t keep reusing old job descriptions. Review them to ensure that you are communicating clearly your expectations, and catch the attention of the ideal candidates that your business needs for a successful 2015. Need tips to create effective job descriptions? Read our recent blog post about writing an effective job description.
  5. Know if your staffing partner is Affordable Care Act compliant.As a business, knowing whether your preferred staffing firm will “play or pay” in 2015 is essential for every employer utilizing a contingent workforce to meet their staffing needs. Partnering with a staffing company not in the “play” mode and not taking the necessary precautions to protect you from the Common Law Employer clause can leave your business open to unprecedented consequences and penalties that come with this new legislation—and your business will be the one to pay.

Don’t feel your company is taking on the task of finding staffing solutions for the New Year alone; select a staffing company with a proven record of successful partnerships with employers throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Contact Nissen Staffing Continuum to research staffing options, policies and solutions, and turn those New Year’s resolutions into accomplished goals that improve your business bottom line and make 2015 the most successful year to date.