Successfully Managing Seasonal Employees

smiling workerOur workload doubles, or even triples, as the holidays approach—both personally and professionally. So how do you as a business owner or manager handle the seasonal increase? Seasonal employees, a flexible workforce without the cost of benefits, are a possible staffing solution.

Seasonal employees are a qualified workforce available for a designated time period. From customer service to manufacturing, these seasonal employees boost business productivity without the long-term commitment. So how does your business make the most of these valuable, short-term employees?

  1. Use the right staffing company to source quality seasonal employees.Hiring the right employees is the key to success.During the busiest time of the year, you don’t have time for a bad apple. Contact a staffing company with qualified, dependable, local employees. The added bonus of utilizing a staffing company: the absence of the initial administrative tasks normally associated with hiring. Staffing companies can pre-screen employees, and handle the human resource functions and paperwork so your business doesn’t have to.
  2. Don’t just throw them into the fire. The holiday season can be crazy as business increases, but resist the urge to send your seasonal employees straight onto the shop floor. Many a customer service blunder has stemmed from this approach, whether from a botched product or customer interaction.
  3. Give them a complete training.Take the time, or designate a trusted employee or manager to orient your seasonal employees completely on standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and products. A full orientation, including a list of expectations, is essential to a strong staff that can handle the holiday business rush.
  4. Keep seasonal workers informed. Inform your seasonal employees about product updates, shipping deadlines and changes in operational procedures as the holiday season evolves. A fully educated employee can provide better customer service when they are kept in the loop.

Have more questions? Contact your local staffing experts, Nissen Staffing Continuum, for information about seasonal employees and the advantages of seasonal workers for your business. One call ensures that you, your customers and your seasonal employees can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

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