Could your company benefit from utilizing on-demand employees?


smiling workerIn today’s fluctuating business world, the key to success is thinking “outside the box”—finding flexible and creative solutions that meet your business’ ever-changing needs, including human resources solutions. When your business needs 40 people today, and 100 tomorrow, expanding your staff, without the added expense of adding additional headcount, is crucial to filling customer orders, meeting production goals and satisfying tight shipping schedules.

On-demand workers are flexible self-starters that have a different mindset than the typical temporary employee. Just as the term suggests, on-demand workers come to your business for a short period of time on short notice.When your business demands more workers, consider the benefits of on-demand staffing:

  • Additional production for a short period of time with limited notice. If you have an order that demands higher production for a week, a day or several days, on-demand employees are the answer. On-demand employees are carefully screened and selected, giving your business reliable employees willing to tackle any basic task with just a short orientation.
  • On-demand employees save your business money.When you need to expand your staff, on-demand employees are a cost-effective solution. Because on-demand employees are not a direct business hire, companies avoid paying benefits and taking on the added expenses of a traditional hire. In addition, the staffing company, not your company, is responsible for the day to day HR, legal, and payroll functions, making on-demand workers a great investment.
  • You can use trial-and-error to find the on-demand employee that works for your business. When your business gets busy, you need additional, productive workers quickly. On-demand staffing gives managers the opportunity to find those on-demand employee(s) that are productive and a fit for your business—and allows you to request them whenever needed.

On-demand workers are ideal for manufacturing companies in a variety of industries, but have applications in any business with sudden ebbs and flows. Contact Nissen Staffing Continuum to determine if on-demand staffing is the creative solution that meets your human resource needs and business goals.

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