How does Nissen Staffing impact your bottom line?

Why hire a staffing firm?
Why hire a staffing firm?

Whenever your business makes a purchase, you want justification for your business expense. Does this item give us the most value? Do we really need this item or service?

As your human resources partner, we don’t expect you to enjoy the rewards of our services without understanding what we do that impacts your bottom line. So what exactly do you get when you utilize Nissen Staffing for your staffing needs?

  • Lower costs when we manage the hiring process. One of the most significant expenses for any business is staffing. By using Nissen Staffing, you don’t have to pay the wages or salary and benefits for a human resources staff, because we manage the hiring process from start-to-finish with a variety of services, including:
    • Screening and Selection (interviewing, background and reference checks, skills assessments, and pre-employment testing);
    • Hiring and Employment (I-9 verification, payroll administration, unemployment insurance, social security, workers’ compensation and management reporting);
    • Retention Programs (assessments and recommendations, training, incentive programs).
    • Employees ready to fill your positions when you need them without the expensive hiring process. Businesses ebb and flow, just as the amount of work, and workers needed, does. At Nissen Staffing, we have the contingent workforce trained to fill your positions when you need them, for as long as you need them. If you need 20 workers next week for three months of your busy season, call us and we will have workers ready for you on the start day you specify. You don’t need to pay for the traditional job hiring process—the cost of advertisements to post the positions, expenses associated with job fairs, or the thousands of dollars paying your human resources staff to interview job candidates and verify their eligibility for employment. One call to Nissen, and you’re ready to take on your busy season.
    • Employees without paying benefits. When your business ebbs, and the 20 workers mentioned above are unemployed, we find them a new position or cover their unemployment costs. If one of those workers gets hurt on the job, we pay workman’s compensation. We also pay taxes and benefits for those workers.
    • Trained workers without training expenses. If you need a skilled position filled, we have the experienced worker who can fill the position—without you paying for their training or for continuing education. Every day, job seekers come to us, and we can connect them with you almost immediately. No more waiting for responses to your ad in the newspaper or on a website.
    • Less paperwork. You get the employees you need, and we do all the paperwork for that employee. As their employer, we take on the administrative work such as insurance enrollment, open enrollments, paycheck deductions, holiday and vacation pay monitoring. We also offer payroll services. What does this mean for you? Less administrative expenses, more production because of your flexible workforce, higher profit margin.
    • Temp-to-hire positions without the hiring expenses. Not every job candidate, no matter their background, will work out at your company. We understand. By utilizing the temp-to-hire staffing solution, you can see your potential employee in action for a period of time, and find out if they are the reliable employee ideal for the position that fits into your corporate culture.

By fulfilling our mission to provide human capital solutions to our clients while assisting our associates in meeting their career objectives, we become your human resource partner and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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