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HR Hot Trends & Topics

What are some trends and challenges that HR professionals are discussing this year?  According to SHRM (The Society of Human Resource Management), the list is very specific and emphasizes the need for creative recruiting and retention, knowledge of new laws and an understanding of technology and social media.

  • Competition for in-demand skilled workers.
  • The ongoing influence of developments in information and communications technologies.
  • Demographic changes and an aging population.
  • The importance of flexible and effective work/life strategies.
  • A growing emphasis on measurements and metrics.
  • A rise in uncertainty and volatility of markets.
  • Implications of government legislation, specifically, the Affordable Care Act.

To read the complete report, visit or click on this link:

Source:, Future Insights: The top trends for 2014 according to SHRM’s HR subject matter expert panels, 1/22/2014

“Like It” or “Favorite It”…Twitter’s New Look

Looks like Twitter is getting a new look, and it may look a little familiar.   Users of both Facebook and Twitter may notice more similarities than ever between the two social media giants, but marketers at Twitter insist that they will still be very different.

How does your business use Social Media?  Do you think it’s helped or hurt your growth?  Do you control the personal use of social media in your workplace?

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