Effective Performance Reviews

As a manager, specifically in the human resources area, it can be overwhelming to constantly “put out fires” in your business.  While you may hire many excellent employees, with impeccable technical skills and extraordinary soft skills, there is always a handful of employees that can make your life more difficult than it needs to be.

You wish they would perform better.  You wish they would communicate more appropriately and more effectively.  You wish they would just do what needs to get done and move on to the next thing.   There are days that you find dealing with them about as productive as banging your head against a wall.

Here is the real question:  Do they know you feel this way?  Does your company take the time to evaluate employees, give them feedback and the opportunity to improve?  People cannot improve what they don’t realize is a problem.  And, on the flip side, an employee that excels will likely go excel somewhere else unless he or she is recognized for his/her great work and continually challenged.  A former manager once told me, “Coach to excellence or coach to exit.”  Have you thought about your process your business takes to maintain the extraordinary workforce that makes your company stand out?

If not, it’s time to think about effective performance reviews.   Mastering this task and making it useful is the key to helping your staff be at their best.    This article from one of our partners, MilwaukeeJobs.com, is a great place to start.


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