Staying Safe in the Cold



Winter and cold, icy weather bring about all sorts of concerns, both indoors and out.  Stay safe at work, and keep your employees safe, by following some simple tips.

The Issue: Slips, Trips, and Falls

How can you help eliminate or prevent slips, trips, and/or falls? In a manufacturing environment, you may think that you have little control over your work environment and hazards within that environment.

Below are simple things that you can do to help eliminate slips, trips, and falls.

1)  Wear appropriate shoes for the weather/work conditions. If you have a dress code at work, bring in a change of shoes.
2)  Think ahead – Take time to change your shoes when necessary. This could save you a lifetime of pain.
3) Be aware of your surroundings and any slip and trip hazards in your work area.
4) Do not store tools or product on stairs or work platforms.
5) Do not carry items that you cannot see around. Look for slip or trip hazards while you are walking. If required to carry items that you cannot see around, slow your pace of travel and use your feet to feel potential hazards.
6) Keep your work area clean and organized.
7)  Clean-up spills using the appropriate cleaners for the material or liquid spilled.
8) If you fall – tuck, duck, and roll to prevent injury.

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